Spirit of Establishment

SEALS originated from

1. S: Strategic
2. E: Engineering
3. A: Advance
4. L: Logistics
5. S: Services

Initial letters of key words are combined and created as the company name SEALS, we established the company on June 16th, 2006, and the head office was placed at Yokohama, which was historically first opened port in Japan.

Spirit of EstablishmentSpirit of Establishment

I, the founder, and Mr. Motoo Agario, present representative of director, president, aimed for asset business. In those days of establishment, however, human resources, things and funds as resources of management we had, they were three employees, just a foundation capital of 15 million yen, and a Labrador retriever dog, which was a house sitter and as a first chairman.So we could not realize to have an asset, our merchandizing goods were only “Taking forecast action is said Kibataraki in Japanese ” what is our consideration for real requirement of the client.

Fortunately, soon after the establishment, we could conclude a business partnership with a major Japanese finance company, looking into the future of globalization for production site of Japanese products. Especially about international transfer of manufacturing facility, equipment, peripheral parts, and materials, we developed LIFT services (named Overseas Trade Pack) that is charged with Commercial Distribution and Logistics by a ONE STOP service by means of mutual complement between financial organ and SEALS.

L: Logistics
I: Information, Insurance, and Investigation
F: Finance
T: Technology, Trading, Tax arrangement

On the other hand, we started Ocean Transportation by Independent Operation with PCC (Pure Car Carrier) toward Myanmar in July, 2012, which became the first step to the asset business. Marine route is gradually expanding toward South-east Asia, Bay of Bengal, and East coast of Africa. The Ocean Transportation business is the second pillar for our business with a flexible common carrier to be first priority of shipper’s requests. Thence to We are proceeding on our way to our dreams since the establishment.

Our company policy is “Kibataraki” what is composed by five considerations that is serving ①Visually Alert, ②Voice Credit, ③Reach out for, ④Mindful, ⑤Attentive Herat, we always try to be on customer side and propose the best solutions before a customer gives an order of requests and take stand-by to be prepared for quick response

In addition, we have to spare no pains that subcontractors who engage in actual transportation and work should enjoy compensation from the customer at maximum return first.

We draw the line from self-interest supremacy doctrine, and to keep an importance of continuous patronage from the customer by sincere response and reliable transportation and work, considering environments, as a company which is able to contribute to the international society, beyond the century and forever, we promise to be a company able to answer to customer’s needs.

SEALS Co., Ltd.