Message from the President

Message from the PresidentMessage from the President
  • 1. History of Establishment and Now

    SEALS was established in 2006 by Kouetsu Taniuchi, “Chairman”, and I, Motoo Agario, ゛President”, having an intention of proposing services of marine transportation with mobility and careful consideration, and trading including logistics.
    In Feb. 2020 SEVEN SEALS Co., Ltd. was established and SEALS's shipping division was transferred to SEVEN SEALS Co., Ltd.
    We are currently developing “Trade Infrastructure Services” that consists of mainly “LIFT business” that consists of trade, purchase and sales of products, logistics, engineering and consulting.
    Since the company was established, sales station gradually increased, beginning with establishment of Polish corporation in 2008, the stations have been expanded to overseas, now we have 4 domestic stations and 12 stations abroad (at present Nov. 2020).

  • 2. Significance of Presence of SEALS

    SEALS specialized in niche business fields such as transfer of used production facility in the factory. We have carefully answered the needs of customer’s voice “I wish I had such a service”
    SEALS will keep on proposing services which customers require, and keep on being the necessary company. We always think that response to customer’s needs is important.
    The above is significance of presence of SEALS.

  • 3. Change of the representative director

    I assumed office as a post representative director from Kouetsu Taniuchi, current Chairman, in July, 2017.
    A word “Future 100 years, the company keeps on being beloved by both customers and employees” is succeeded from Mr. Taniuchi.
    Nowadays it became an era where prediction is difficult and change is intense. But I’ll work hard for further enhancement and development of existing business and expansion of new business , I am aiming for growth of the company for customers and employees.

  • 4. Two action policies (Spiritual)

    “Kikubari” (careful consideration) and “Challenge” are indispensable spirit for our mind of SEALS.

    Spirit of “Kibataraki” (five considerations)

    The action policy (spiritual) since establishment of company is “Kibataraki”.
    “Kibataraki” has five spiritual considerations, they are “Koe kubari” (Voice consideration),
    “Te kubari” (Handling consideration), “Me kubari” (Eye consideration), “Ki kubari” (Mind consideration), and “Kokoro kubari” (Heart consideration).
    Our most important asset is human beings i.e. employees. This “Kibataraki” is the highest service that we SEALS can offer to the customers.

    Challenge spirit

    Challenge sprit is always unforgettable spirit from when we kicked off as a venture company. With time elapsing, most of us want to avoid change and effort seeking for stability, not growth. To maintain current situation for the company means the beginning of a decline.
    SEALS shall always challenge and grow for the future, this is the uppermost solution we can offer to the customers.

  • 5. With hot thought

    SEALS started from zero in terms of nothing.
    SEALS is what it is today , thanks to the customers for the warm advice and particular patronage and supporting our business, I sincerely thank them.
    And I am thankful to employees for growing together and supporting our business.
    With courage and passion, pay attention to an inventive idea and unite our power in harmonious cooperation, we aim for further development.
    I promise here to be “Future 100 years, the company keeps on being beloved by both customers and employees”.

President, Representative of director
Motoo Agario